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Nov 17, 2005
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Im new to the board but am hoping so one can reach out and help. I am in school, but my debt is up to my ears, although I really want to become a doctor, I almost feel like if I cant handle the pressure from how much debt I am in because of it, as well as all the reading that I have to keep up with. With all the work I am doing to become a doctor, I feel as if my bills are slipping between the cracks and wanted to know how everyone manages everything, or something that might help me. Thnx




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Apr 24, 2002
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Well, I have reminders set in my yahoo calendar so I get reminders a week before bills are due. I pay most of mine online so I don't have to worry about sending them in on time.

I also use Outlook for email and put reminds on my task list there.

As for being in debt, that was in my top 3 reasons of why I didn't go to med school ( or continue studies to go back to school). I worked for a few years, paid off some debt and now i'm working back into it. Its hard to live on your own on student income but luckily now I have another student to help me. Anything you can do to save a little money here or there will help.

I have known a few people in med school who freak out about money. If you don't, then I have concerns about you! I had one friend who maxed out her credit cards and had bill collectors constantly calling her. It was hard for her to get private loans for her joint program b/c her credit was so screwed. Everyone has the same fears, but know that one day you will manage it. Just take it one day at a time. Try to organize yourself os you don't miss your bills. That will help. Have a separate envelope holder for all your bills once you get them so you know where they are and make sure you have plenty of reminders. Get organized and try to save money. I hope this helped a little :luck:
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