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Jul 16, 2009
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Motivated 3rd or 4th year allopathic medical student interested in pursuing a career in dermatology needed to first author a preaccepted paper for a major derm journal. Must be good, organized writer and be a realistic candidate for derm residency acceptance. If interested email me to discuss further details. Serious inquiries only please.


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Apr 3, 2007
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:rofl: "Bitch needed to write my paper. Come strong or don't come at all." :laugh:

Seriously, like with all research you are going to be the PIs bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzznatch. Just make sure you get credit and don't get used like a tool.

I was once told by the PI that my name would be on 5 papers (after the PI found out I was working on other projects for other attendings) to entice me to work on his project. I did so and my name was eventually put on only two papers. He pretty much lied to me and I got shafted. I worked on his project for a year. The paper eventually got published in a top journal but still....

He also told me that he would "do me a favor" and put my name on a paper. He showed me the manuscript with my name on it. The paper eventually got published without my name on it.

Be careful who you work with. There are snakes in academics as well.
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