Jul 26, 2016
Pharmacy Student
I'm from the UK, starting Mpharm in September but I'm guessing there wont be much difference between what we study. I am going to be extremely busy when I start uni so I'm being proactive and trying to learn all I can to make uni easier and could do with some advice.

I bought Rand and Dales pharmacology flashcards; they contain information on lots of the more common drugs with the mechanism of action etc. Is it worth me memorising all of these flashcards by heart or is that over the top? Any idea what else I should focus on?

Thanks for any help!


2+ Year Member
Jul 23, 2016
I am not in pharm school yet. I will be applying soon. But like you I am also doing the research of what I can study in advance and stuff like that. So I heard its a good idea to memorize top 200 drugs. Also maybe it sounds funny, but I heard one girl complained that she wishes that she knew amino acids.