Oct 5, 2010
Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
this may seem a little cynical, but i am trying to plan ahead in case i do not get acceped this round of applications. I have very average stats (3.2 GPA, 1100 GRE) and am not completely confident in geting accepted. I am also graduating in 3 weeks from undergrad.. which i think has me in a bit of a freak out about where my life is going haha. I am graduating early which seems great- and i planned on taking the semester to get a break from classes, work, and make some money before entering PT school. I was just going to waitress and volunteer some more at PT places to stay in the field.. yet, now i feel like i should get a job or do something that will increase my chances of getting in to PT school if I do not get accepted this round.
For those that did not get accepted their first round, what did you do to improve your application the next time? I know many take classes to up their grades.. but any other suggestions?


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Jun 25, 2010
Quite frankly, those stats would likely get you into a DPT program. The only issue is whether or not you got your apps in early(for rolling admissions programs) and if you applied to extremely competitive programs. There have been people who have posted lower stats on this forum and got accepted. You might just have to find the right niche'. Have you contacted the admissions directors/coordinators at the schools you are applying to? If not then that would be one of the first priorities in my opinion. Hopefully you get a sense of where you stand after those dialogues.

The more you can do to approve your app, then do it. Whether that be more volunteer hours, rehab aide positions, etc then why not try to improve your standing. From your stats, it seems like you have a solid shot to get in, but doing a little extra can only help. In conjunction to improving your application standing, getting more involved in PT related avenues can only serve to make you a better clinician anyway. So it would be a win-win. Good luck to you!


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Dec 19, 2008
Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
I am the perfect example for this. The first time I applied I had a 2.97 and applied to only 5 schools which were all paper apps and didn't accept many students. My second time around I increased my GPA to 3.02 and applied using only PTCAS this time (so technically it is the first time applying to these programs) but it is my second cycle. I applied early, and part of the game is to know where to apply just like Ox says, you probably applied to really competitive programs, but a 3.2 and an 1100 I would have loved to have those stats the first time I appled. Your stats are good for some programs. Why not apply to more, since some of the programs deadlines have not passed yet.
Feb 2, 2010
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I agree with what Ox and Jbizzle said. You do have a good shot of getting into a PT school. I think you need to be realistic as to what schools you have a good shot of getting in but also apply to those you really want to apply to as well. If I were you I'd apply to multiple programs. If you look at the PTCAS school requirements for each school, they have a minimum and average GPA acceptance. If I were you I'd look into some schools that were less competitive as well as those that are more competitive. Apply to a variety of schools. Early submissions to rolling admissions schools are a good idea for someone with your GPA. During your time waiting, improving your application with more observation hours, working in rehab, retaking a class you didn't do well in or taking a class showing your commitment to learning can't hurt.

I'm in the same boat as you, GPA 3.26 (will be higher after this semester of all A's) and a gre score of 1140, A.W 4.5. I applied to 8 school ranging in how competitive they are. So far I got rejected from one (*******s..lol) and accepted to one program, MSMC in CA. Don't stress too much and goodluck!