For those at UNMC

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Apr 1, 2004
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"Is 120th and Maple too far away to live?"

Hey, I don't go to UNMC but I used to live in'll be commuting probably 15/20 minutes depending on traffic lights/routes on a good day. I'd say that's not too bad and even with traffic wouldn't be too much longer. However, in the winter when there's a blizzard and you're trying to drive during rush hour you could easily spend 3 hours in the car. I used to live on 114th and Pacific and driving from Happy Hollow and Dodge took several hours during those special nights. You might think now that a 20 minute commute sounds like cake but when you're in third year and every minute counts you might become a little bitter. My mom went to Creighton and actually insisted that we move closer to downtown during her M2 year so that her commute would be significantly shorter (5 minute drive)for 3rd and 4th year....all of her rotations were at St. Joe's, though, and I know UNMC utilizes hospitals that are more spread out.

Have fun at UNMC...and if you meet a fellow classmate named J.K. tell him Jenny from BT says hi. :)