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Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by mini tooth, Jun 15, 2002.

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    I just finished my first year at UCLA. Finished the 12th final exam today
    Someone posted a note asking for apt resources for around the UCLA area. I found my current apt from <a href="" target="_blank"></a> which has a list adn pictures of available apartments. They are resonable prices for around the area. I live about 5 minutes from the school local if no traffic. I take the free "big blue bus" to school and it's much more convient than driving. The bus pretty much goes around everywhere and comes every 10 mins so it's pretty good.
    Anyways, another website for apts is www. which has a huge database. However, there is a membership fee of I think 60 bucks for 60 days of use. I think it's worth it bc they have alot of listings with a wide range of apt prices and locations. You can always split the fee with someone and just share the login and password.
    IN terms of classes for the first quarter, you don't really need any books at all. I didn't buy a single book and passed all my classes and got honors in some. Biochem, Histology, and Physiology are the 3 main science classes and for all of them, the profs give out handouts for every lecture so you don't need a book. Besides, the packets are like 20 pages PER LECTURE so you wouldn't have time to read the book anyways. Besides they only test info from the handouts not from the book.
    There are some other minor classes...
    Dental morphology: Prof recommends one book but you dont' need it unless you have ALOT of trouble picturing what the tooth looks like. Her tests are straight out of her precise handouts. Pretty easy class and very fun
    Research methology: For our class he decided to make us do a group paper instead of having exams so alot of people stopped going to class and most of us didn't learn anything. This class is about research methods like sampling size, thesis, and stuff like that.
    waxing class: no books, you just go to lab and use wax to make the anatomy of parts of the teeth eg the occlusal surface with cusps and ridges.
    clinical eval: you learn how to put a UCLA patient chart together. Kickback class, no books needed, all from lecture powerpoints which they give you a copy of.
    I think that was all the classes for first quarter.
    Seems like alot but the only classes you really have to keep up with are the 3 science classes. If you have more questions, just email me. Also, don't forget to sign up for the big sibling program. Your big sib will tell you everything you need to know about surviving the first yr and they can also help you with your lab work and stuff.
    Enjoy your summer and don't study bc it won't help (seriously).
    I'm gonna enjoy my one week off now before we start summer session!
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    For those going or attending UCLA dental school what were your statistics, gpa etc., DAT, extracurriculars when you applied and got in? Thanks for all of the help. UCLA is my number one choice, just like a lot of other people and I'm just trying to get an idea of what to expect. thanks for all of the help.

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    minitooth, wow thanks for all that info!! it totally helps ^^

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