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For those who have the status check page for Northwestern, what changes

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by 8675309, Oct 19, 2001.

  1. 8675309

    8675309 Member 10+ Year Member

    Aug 12, 2000
    Well my application has been at Northwestern for a while and I'm just wondering what changes on their application website. Do you suddenly get a new option that takes you directly to the status page or do you go directly to the status page when you sign in or what?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. sandflea

    sandflea Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jun 23, 2001
    once they've processed your app, you should be taken directly to the status check page when you go to the application's website--you are no longer able to access the application itself. but northwestern is running WAY behind in updating the status checks--there's been this message on my status page stating this and that we should recheck the site in a few WEEKS to give them a chance to catch up. so they probably have all your stuff but haven't updated your little slice of the NUMS website.

    that's some signature you have there....
  4. racergirl

    racergirl Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Apr 29, 2001
    I have the same message. I wonder if this is code for "the reject is in the mail"?
  5. hmmm racergirl so funny! I was thinking the same thing...

    I think they rejected us and took us off their database completely :(

    oh well....I was actually looking forward to northwestern...
  6. Sprockette

    Sprockette Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Oct 2, 2001
    No, I think their system is actually THAT screwed up. I called them a few weeks ago b/c the status page indicated that they had received my supplementary application but not my letters of recommendation, so I wanted to see which of my recommenders had yet to send in the rec. However, I was told that they had piles of unopened recommendations, that mine were probably in there somewhere, and that I should re-check the status page in two weeks. Come to think of it, I think that it's been more than two weeks by now...

    Anyway, I wouldn't give up hope just yet. :)

  7. hmmm looks like you've posted around 15 times....ur a youngin sprocket....optimistic and hopeful....wait, until u become a veteran sdner...then u lose hope in the system....the system is screwed i tell u...

    u want the truth of what is going on? You can't handle the truth....oh gosh that was so lame! haha...anyway
  8. nochaser

    nochaser Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 31, 2001
    Got this email from NUMS:
    Your supplemental was received on September 4th. Your letters of
    recommendation are not in our computer system. There is a back log on
    recommendations and those received mid September are still being
    processed. Your recommendations should be in the system in the next few weeks.


    Northwestern University Medical School
    Office of Admissions

    I KNOW that I'm gonna get rejected from them, anyway, thanks to my MCAT scores--don't ask, they are TRAGIC, and I'm too embarrassed to post them up.
  9. Sprockette

    Sprockette Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Oct 2, 2001
    Hmm...yes, I guess I seem optimistic and hopeful...but then again, maybe I am just used to online application systems going haywire, and more likely to attribute northwestern's status check problems to system issues rather than lack of quality applicants.

    P.S. I actually DO expect to get rejected from Northwestern very soon...just waiting for them to actually LOOK at my application... :D

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