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ibo man

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Nov 2, 2001
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Hey y'all,
For those who have taken the dat what were your scores like. A lot of perfect vision(20/20) on the forum. Do you guys think the national average for dat has increased or this forum has the smartest people applying to dental school.:D


Toof Sniper
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Dec 13, 2001
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......the national's DAT averages are increasing due to the competitiveness of the admissions process as well as the increased number of tools people are able to use to study for the DAT (Top Score CD, DAT Audiolearn, Kaplan Course, etc.)

As far as the majority of people on this SDN thing in the "perfect vision" club (20/20), I think it's just that we are all very excited about dentistry and have put in a lot of work to get where we are today. Remember, some the Pre-dental SDN lurkers are extremely academic orientated and all of us on this SDN thing only represent less than a percent of the whole application pool each year.

Good luck on your DAT and your success inducting into the "perfect vision" club!

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