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Sep 6, 2009
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Hey guys,
Starting my second year right now and my school is starting off with the Derm module. I was referencing first aid for several things and although it covers most of the high yield stuff, there were definitely inflammatory/infectious diseases that weren't in there (like Ichthyosis vulgaris, Lichen Simplex Chronicus). I'm new to this annotating thing and was wondering if I should go ahead and include the diseases my school covered as well or just rely on first aid when it comes to studying for step 1 soon? Thanks!


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Oct 24, 2013
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OP what I have been doing is cross-referencing First Aid and Pathoma, and also remembering what I learned in class. If the disease is in both FA and pathoma, I definitely include it. If it is in only FA, I include it, and if it is in pathoma, within reason, I will include it, like if I remember it from class or if it has a lot of space dedicated to it. As a last measure I also check medical school apps like PEPID to see if it is even on those apps, and if not, if probably isn't worth it IMO


There are several topics not mentioned in FA that actually show up quite often. Some of these are just so subtle that FA doesn't bother to print them, others are perceived to be so obvious that you should know them (admittedly, most of us don't).

1. Types of "named" Biases in the Biostats section -- there are a few, but the majority aren't there

2. Basics about Rales vs. Rhonchi

3. Pressure changes & things like Caisson's Disease (there is a blurb, but it hardly scratches the surface)

etc, etc..
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