Freaking out (post-CS) about using unlisted abbreviations and computer scoring

Jan 21, 2020
  1. Medical Student
Hey, I just realized I used some abbreviations that are not on the "list" they provide, such as CTABL for clear to ascultation bilaterally, RRR for regular rate and rhythym, no M/R/G or MRG for murmurs/rubs/gallops, LEs for lower extremities, etc.

Has anyone who has taken the test since Oct 1st done similar and done OK? Totally freaking out. I figured these common abbreviations would be included....


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Oct 3, 2013
north of Tennessee
  1. Medical Student
I’m sure plenty of people used those abbreviations and past the exam. Maybe a majority. No way you will fail for using those abbreviations, not a chance.


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Aug 29, 2014
  1. Medical Student
If you read the instructions for the list very carefully, they do mention that common abbreviations would be included in the recognized vernacular, and that the list below are just examples of approved abbreviations. I personally wrote everything out except those abbreviations so I wouldn't get docked, but I do know others that did the same thing and passed just fine.
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