Free Complete MCAT Study Texts (Princeton Review) - Unused Brand New

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Jul 25, 2019
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Hello. I was recently accepted into an MSTP (MD/PhD) program and am no longer in need of my MCAT prep books (Princeton Review). I have the entire series. These are unused, brand new books and include:

CARS Review
CARS workbook
Biology Review
Biochemistry Review
Organic Chemistry Review
Physics and Math Review
MCAT Science Workbook
MCAT In-class compendium
MCAT Mock Test Booklet

Ideally, this goes to a person in-need. Who can't afford the set (but would otherwise want the set) or would be burdened by making the purchase. Please do not use this opportunity unless you are in truly in need.

I will mail these books to you for free. For those interested please say "interested" and I will DM you asking for your information.

Best of luck. Dreams DO come true. Keep grinding.

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That's very nice of you! I'm set with what I have.
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I’m interested. I come from a low-income family and with my current income, It would take me months to save enough money for MCAT materials.
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Thank you for your generosity, however you need to post in the classifieds section:

You can post in the for sale and mark it free, or peruse through the Wanted and see if someone is already looking.

Congratulations on all of your success!
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