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Material Covered
Biology is the study of life, exploring a broad scope of topics that involve living organisms and their vital processes. Concepts studied in biology are used in many different fields, including botany, ecology, genetics, physiology, zoology, and medicine. As a prospective dental or optometry student, it’s easy to see why a thorough understanding of biology is so critical. Our DAT biology review covers many important topics and is regularly updated to reflect changes in the DAT or OAT exam.

Subjects covered include:
Cells, mitosis, and the cell cycle
Fertilization and development
Gene expression
Systems of the human body
The male and female reproductive systems
Animal behavior
The earth’s history
And more!
Building a Foundation for Success
Dr. Romano’s Dynamite Biology Review has study notes that break down each concept into easy-to-understand language, allowing students to achieve a high score on the biology section on their DAT, OAT, or MCAT test. There is no secret formula or trick to passing your exam. What matters is a comprehensive understanding of biological processes that will allow you to answer a wide range of questions. This and much more can be acquired through our comprehensive DAT test study guides.

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