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Oct 10, 2002
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Hello all... I am new to the forum and want to hear some good sound advice to help me get through the next 5 billion years. I am currently dating an M2 who I have been with since he started last year. I decided to go back to graduate school for 2 years while he was still in and am timing it so I will be done before he goes into his internship. This year it has been much better since I have been busy with a ga position and class work of my own

I know that DMS (Darling Med Student) cares about me and wants to be with me but there are times when he gets so stressed out that it stresses me out. What did some of you do or are you doing to make sure that the stress of medical school doesn't break you apart in a million pieces.

Any girlfriends, wives, etc. who would like to give me advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much for reading...


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Oct 3, 2001
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Hi! Hopefully more people will answer, since I am just the spouse of a first year don't have as much experience under my belt. :)

So far though, it sounds like you are doing the right thing by being busy with your own life. It seems that the spouses that get the most stressed, are the ones that don't have their own matter what they may be. They are the ones that notice most accutly that the student is gone alot.

Also, most of the students with spouses, simply have to realize that med school is not their only priority and not even necessarily the top priority. Having a spouse, or a girl friend, means that you will have to be willing to sacrifice some time studying that single students don't necessarily have to sacrifice. This DOES mean having to be willing to take the lower grade......but better a B or a C and a happy marriage/relationship then an A and on the verge of divorce/breakup.

What hubby has found is that he is less stressed if he DOES spend more time with me, even though that means sacrificing grades. We have found a good balance so far to keep him from getting really stressed and from me being so neglected that I would deal with any stress badly.

So, it just might be a matter of talking to him and seeing if you two can balance things a little differently.....him maybe taking more time with you possibly or doing something to reduce some of the stress.

Wish I had better answers for you. :) Does his school have a counseling program? Hubbies has free counseling including couples workshops and stuff....maybe look into that?

Good luck!!
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