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Nov 15, 2004
Hi Guys,

About a month ago, I started thinkign about radiology. I was away on a rotation in another town .. now I"m back and i'm having trouble with my schedule being about 8-5pm at a hospital away from my main campus. my trouble is GETTING ANY EXPOSURE. the radiologists i wrote too say they aren't around after 5pm. I asked about call -- and finally got set upt o do call with one about 3 weeks from now!! (id really like to do soemthing sooner)

my question is: do many of u contact outside radiologist (private practice) to spend some time with? at my school we dont get an opportunity to do radiology until 4th year and although it sounds really good to me in theory -- i need some real exposure to rule it in / out

any advice as to what I should do?



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May 24, 2003
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stop by the reading room during normal hours and go over your patients' films with the attendings. talk with and get to know the residents, too. while you should do the "call" in 3 weeks, you might just stop by the reading room in the evenings and ask the resident if you can hang around. if it's a really busy night, they might not have time for you, but if things are slow and you've made friends with the resident, they may let you stick around and explain what they do. best of luck.