Full time surgical ophthalmologist, South Texas

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The Eye Experts

Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Jan 22, 2023
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The Eye Experts is searching for an expert ophthalmologist to join a busy practice, where you can do well for yourself and also do some real good for your patients.

I am looking for a capable and experienced surgeon who can provide excellent surgical outcomes, and by being the second surgeon in the practice, cut patient wait times for surgery.

The office has a suite for Lasik and minor surgery, and I use a nearby freestanding surgicenter for cataract surgery and other cases requiring anesthesia. I currently operate 1 full day a week and 1/2 day twice a month. Last year I had 700 cataract cases, and I am booked over 2 months in advance at this point.

I am the owner of this practice and the only surgeon; we have 1 full time optometrist and one MD medical ophthalmologist. Our technicians are all certified, very capable, and make your day go smoothly. Our offices are well equipped with the necessary scanners and lasers.

There are 2 office locations, about 35 miles apart, in Brownsville and Weslaco, Texas. I found this lesser-known part of Texas to be a lovely place to work and raise a family over the last 30 years. Texas has no state income tax and a great state medical society.

Our patient population has many diabetics, and I do retinopathy injections in the office and PRP as needed. We group these treatments to specific days for better efficiency. Our area is undersupplied with retina specialists, but there are several we can refer to as needed.

Competitive starting salary and a short path to partnership. No hospital call or weekend clinic days.

Take a look at our website here: https://theeyeexperts.com/

If you are ready to move to a new area and move forward towards owning a practice, please send your contact information to me in a DM on this SDN site and we can connect in an email and set up a time to talk. I will discuss full financial information on the practice with those who are truly interested.

No recruiters please.

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I can see that there have been some people looking at my post but none have contacted me so far.

I'm not surprised I suppose, as it is really difficult to recruit to this area of Texas. Even working with recruiters in the past few years hasn't helped and the type of candidates they send me are in their 70s and want to work 1 or 2 days a week, or are not qualified as experienced surgeons.

I really do want to take on an associate who can work well with patients, have great operative results, and learn the running of a solo practice. Work alongside me, collaborate and cooperate, then take it over when I retire and make it your own. You will be busy from day one.

I'll tell you what else I've seen from doctors who have inquired about working here. I have employed a couple of them short term as well.
- They want to live in Austin usually, and try to set up a new practice.
- Seeing 5 patients a week doesn't pay the bills, but they didn't believe how oversupplied Austin was and were sure they could make it happen.
-They work with me for a while to pay the rent but can't convince their spouse to move here.
-They end up shuttering their Austin office and move somewhere else (that's not as cool as Austin, but they think is cooler than Brownsville) and get work in a big practice where they will always be an employee.

I don't plan to sell my practice to private equity, I don't think it's best for patient care priorities. One of the larger practices in this area is negotiating to do this, surprising to me as this is one of the oldest practices with several locations and several doctors.

The stats are true that the number of new graduating ophthalmologists is not enough to replace those who are retiring.
I would like to see private practices continue and I am willing to mentor the right surgeon through to ownership.

Message me & we can talk & set up a visit-