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Jul 20, 2016
Medical Student
for those in IR, can you comment on the current trends and future directions of IR procedures? what procedures make up a good percentage of your case volume? has this/ is this changing?

also, what is your DR:IR ratio?


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Oct 19, 2008
In the private world there is a dichotomy of practices. Those who dabble in IR and do not have clinic or consultative practice. They are primarily diagnostic radiologists who do some procedures .

The busy clinical interventionalists run it more like a surgical service. You will have the inpatient central lines, biopsies, abscess drains, nephrostomy tubes, gastrostomy tubes, IVC filters. The occasional acute limb ischemia, DVT thrombolysis, and PE . If you do acute stroke work you will be fairly busy doing those.

In the elective outpatient side will include dialysis work, peripheral arterial disease, varicose veins, oncologic treatments including occasional TACE and ablation, chest ports, IVC filter retrievals, lower extremity arterial and venous interventions, fibroid work, pain interventions including vertebroplasty,kyphoplasty and facet and epidurals. Some aneurysmal treatments as well.

There is a growing volume of non procedural clinical work with inpatient consults, admissions, rounding, discharges and outpatient initial consults and follow ups.