Fyi for all - Step 2 CS

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Jun 23, 2016
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Yeah. I saw it just now. I'm an IMG who is yet to take step 2 CS :/ Not sure what is going to happen for this cycle for me.
Anyone on the same boat?
I'm in the same boat finally finished Ck and almost done with my electives in the next few months. Not sure if ECFMG will allow us to certify and what licensing or residency applications will look like this year. I'm hoping they make some exceptions for our batch but truly don't know what to expect. They can't make us wait I assume so let's see what happens but yes it is very stressful being an IMG for the upcoming cycle. Good luck to everyone.
Logically, if an alternative to CS is made, then they should remove CS from transcripts and just mention ECFMG certification. But that's too logical.

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