Aug 17, 2017
Hi, I'm seeking some advice for gap yr activities. For ref, I'm CA 3.9 522

My ecs are

620 tutoring
800 Christian fellowship leadership
200 volunteer hospital
60 underserved clinic
35 shadow
55 research

I know I'm lacking in research and underserved volunteering. I already applied this cycle but am worried that I will need to reapply and am trying to pick things to do that will help improve my app most if I do need to re apply.

Some possibilities I have are scribing, teaching mcat prep, volunteering at a mobile medicine clinic, volunteering with clinical research, and possibly a homeless shelter or an elementary school. I have the prep course job already and I need to pass a test to scribe, which I'm not sure if I will because lots of new ppl at my site have failed it. The others sound like I could volunteer but I haven't started.

I'm also thinking about doing a Volunteer Corps program in underserved elementary schools where you tutor and support students. I'm interested in this but the hours are loooong 7:30-6pm m-f and I'm worried that I would not have increased any health care hours for a year if I need to re apply.

I'm wondering if anyone could provide any advice about what they would think would be the best course of action, and especially whether it would be super detrimental to stay out of the Health care experiences for a year if I need to re apply? Or do I need way more hours? Thanks


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Dec 22, 2014
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You will probably get a better response in Pre-allo.

Also - It's mid-August and you're applying with a 3.9/522. I don't think it's quite time to start planning your re-application just yet.
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Jul 9, 2012
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If you have the chance to scribe, do it. I swear I learned more scribing than I have in the first year of medical school. But you probably won't have the chance, because it sounds like you'll probably be in med school this time next year.
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