Gap year advice please -- full time job???

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May 2, 2011
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Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get your input as to what I should do.

I am a college graduate, so my degree basically sets me on track for management type positions. I see some of my friends with similar or related degrees in like retail management at major department stores. I actually have research experience in a lab, but I'm not a science major so I'm not really considering lab type jobs because I'm not sure I have the credentials. The problem here is, all of those jobs require large time commitments and I rarely get days off except on weekends. So my questions are:

1) How do I handle interviews during a full time job?

*Do I call in sick?
*Do I just quit if they don't give me the day off?
*What if I had to quit after my first interview and I didn't even get accepted to that school?

2) Do schools do weekend interviews for working people?

3) How much should my prospective employers know about my future plans?

*Should I tell them it's a temporary job?
*Should I tell them I'm going to medical school?
*These two things above were recommended to me by someone who has very little experience job hunting, so I personally think they're terrible. What is your take?

Thanks for your help!!

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Jul 23, 2011
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Most of my interviews are on Thursday and Friday. i would be honest and ask for a day or two off, make sure to tell your employer how important this is for you and hope they would understand. If they just don't understand, what can you do? I guess just take the day off and come back to see if you still have a job.

I've been outright saying that I am looking for a temp job and so far this had decease my prospect drastically, but I don't really have any other choicebecause i want to avoid any complications down the road. Looking for part-time andtemporary position like being a tutor help too. If you are dead set of getting a management job, they probably will not hire you as you will be leaving after a year and will waste all of their trainings. It's a loss but if med school isyour priority, it is tolerable.