Gap year job - advice please!

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Jul 24, 2019
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I'm planning on taking a gap year after college, and I was wondering if I could get some advice about what to do for work. I'm currently looking into scribing, but I'm not sure if I should do full-time, or just part-time and do something else on the side (and if so, what?). With my current GPA and trend and such, I am considering a DIY post bac, but I'm a bit worried about costs. Also wondering about doing clinical research, since I haven't done any of that yet (I've decent non-clinical research, 2 summers and 2 semesters). If I could get any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated! I graduate in May, so I'd have from now until then to find a position. I'm p much open to working anywhere.

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You would probably be best served addressing deficits in your application.
1) I infer that your overall GPA is not great, but you have an upward trend. Take a look at your chances based upon recent admissions data. If you feel like you're okay on this front then I'd pass on the post-bacc. However, if your odds aren't great then you ought to get your grades up, even if it costs you a year of tuition.
2) It's good that you have a decent amount of research. Has anything tangible resulted from your time in the lab? (e.g., posters, oral presentations, or publications) If you have a couple publications then I think you're fine. Otherwise perhaps spending a year as a research lab tech (with the intention of publishing) might help the most.
3) What clinical experience do you have so far? Most people have some combination of: shadowing/volunteering in clinics/hospitals; scribing; ancillary staff (ED tech, EMT/medic, etc).