Gap year research productivity - does it last?

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Nov 20, 2020
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I am currently in a gap year and applying right now with plans to start Fall 2024. At the end of college I got a little too heavy handed in saying yes to research opportunities, and now I am involved in 4 clinical research studies in some way or another. It is great work and I enjoy all of it, but it is seriously burning me out. Part of the problem is (honestly) that I am losing some of the motivation I had a few months ago (pre submitting apps) to keep running at 110% because the back of my mind always had the "this will help with getting into med school" mantra playing. Now that we are at the point where I won't have anything substantial to show for this work until late next year, I am having trouble staying focused.

My question is now regarding residency. I understand that research is getting more and more important for matching. In terms of what is helpful to have, would I be able to count any productivity from this gap yeah that would start coming in next summer or even during MS1 (given the time it takes to write stuff, submit abstracts, get something accepted and published) for my residency apps in a few years? Or do program directors only consider the work you did at the med school you are matriculated at? Looking very ahead, I know, but I am trying to re-inspire myself to keep working 50 hours a week with no pay on stuff lol.

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Just to re-inspire you, I had 6 publications from my gap year CRC position and I plan to include them in my residency application.
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Just clarifying: all the research you are talking about are clinical studies? What are your responsibilities?
Depends on the project. Traditional CRC role for one, data collection and curation in another. Yet another is a smaller hospital epi project using clinical data that I had the idea for and am doing the hypothesis generation/methods design or. So it varies I guess?