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Feb 6, 2005

Just a little concerned. It sounds like you have attended one of the second tier Ozzie schools for a year (as an international student who didn't have to earn your spot just shell out your money). You seem to imply that you attend Queenland which may or may not be the case. Have you really managed to post over FIVE HUNDRED messages on this board over such a short period of time? Maybe that is an indication of the kind of education you are getting. Do you ever study or attend class? Are you involved in any research? Do you travel? Do you have any friends or family you can hangout with? Are you OK? I hate to see people suffering so.

I have only read a few of your more recent posts (I have no desire to search for others). From what I have seen, you're posts simply bash other posters' input. As far as a I can tell, your posts contain nothing new or useful and are often misleading.

Look after yourself! Best of luck in getting things sorted out.

Again, just genuinely concerned.

P.S. Maybe, I should forward this on to your school.They might be able to offer some support.


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Apr 24, 2002
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It is a TOS violation to make a thread attacking another user. Closing.
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