George Mason/Georgetown (G-squared) vs. Agnes Scott vs. LECOM-Erie vs. EMU

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Mar 21, 2022
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Thoughts about these program?

G2 does not have a linkage, but does allow you to get master's from Georgetown (which is pretty reputable), hope is if you do well in this program and get a decent MCAT score , you might be competitive for MD/DO schools?

Agnes Scott: Linkage to two Georgia MD programs (meharry, mercer). I am unclear (and can't get a straight answer) if these linkages are assured if certain GPA/MCAT are met (and not psycho on interviews) or do they just "look" at your application with more of an intent. I am not African-American or a Georgia resident.

LECOM-E: Again wording seems a bit confusing, but it seems meeting GPA/MCAT threshold gets you a seat in the class (in the past there was an assured interview). Cheaper, but kind of in the middle of nowhere.

Western U: It is interesting...seems rigorous. But again no linkage, and I don't think its reputation is better than G2. Also I am on the east coast.

How do the reputations of these programs compare? Any advice would be appreciated :)

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Hi, I am in the situation as you in a sense, I got into Agnes Scott and G2, and I am trying to figure out which route to take. I think you need to look at the courses and their stats to make up your mind! With G2 it has a great reputation and the people I know who completed it have all said great things. And the resources are great, Agnes Scott I have also heard great things too, each are around the same price unless you decide to get your masters with G2 it adds on extra money but I say go where you think will be best for you, sometimes linkage programs aren't all the best way to go!