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Oct 14, 2003
Stress, rock, and a hard place
    Well, since I've been waitlisted at the only school I had an interview with so far (U South FL), I'm thinking of alternate routes should I have no luck moving off the waitlist (though I have faith I will, it'll just take time).

    So, in the meantime I decided to start restudying for MCAT in May to retake for the third time (!) - I have a 28Q.

    Besides that, I've thought about the Georgetown one year Special Master's Program (SMP) to enroll in if I end up taking a year off. This is a grad program for a Master's in Physiology where the SMP students take 6 out of their 10 classes with med students in actual med school classes. It's supposed to demonstrate that you're able to handle the rigors of medical school classes and perform well, to help in re-applying.

    The thing is, while this program is nice, my weak point in my applications (I know from self assessment, I'm still gonna talk to some school admission offices about this) is community service and perhaps no recent volunteering (though I have good volunteering).

    Is doing the SMP advisable with my app's weak points or is it a good idea if during my year off I work on community service/volunteering? I have a 3.84 GPA by the way, so I was thinking since I don't have a low GPA, the SMP may not necessarily benefit me (besides demonstrating that I can handle med school classes).


    Georgetown SMP: Website


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    May 19, 2003
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      I'm in the SMP. With your GPA you're better off retakig the MCAT. The SMP is better for students with lower GPAs. You clearly can handle coursework, so the SMP wont boost your chances as much as it would for a student with a lower GPA


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      Jul 14, 2002
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        Honestly...don't waste your $23,400 + living expenses going to GT SMP. All you need to do is work a job that's related to healthcare (research or healthcare admin) while retaking MCAT's. Throw in a few extra-curriculars (clinical or research) when you have time. You will be getting into top schools the next time around. Good luck!
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