Sep 27, 2011
As a disclaimer, I didn't interview at either program. I've spoken to residents who did and students from GW / GT on the interview trail. Also reading some reviews on scutwork (though old) and some previous posts on SDN can give you an idea of what's up with these schools. It seems like they are both solid programs (with GW > GT) that would be great for someone wanting to live in DC (alot of stuff to do but traffic, high COL). It seems as if GT works longer hours and both programs have off-site rotations, which may or may not be an issue for people. Also doesn't seem like either program is very big on academics if that's high on your list of priorities. Per fellow applicant from GW, 30 of 150 students are going into anes this year, so they had to have enjoyed rotating through their department during 3rd year at least some. Also it appears that few if any GW / GT anes residents frequent this site, based on multiple thread inquiries with little response. Overall, if you really want to live in DC, I think either of these programs will train you well, much like 90% of them across the country.