Aug 28, 2016
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
I'm quite new here, but I'm really interested in going into optometry. Ive never taken a full course load in my degree but I'm managed to maintain a 3.85 gpa and do research. I've heard that my application will be thrown in the trash and not even considered since i didn't do the full load. But before i give up I'm just wondering if thats true. I've seen some similar questions posted here but many of them had valid medical reasons for their reduced course loads and moreover their course load was only reduced for a semester or two.
thank you
Jun 2, 2016
are you saying you wont be accepted because you haven't been a "full time" student? If so that's not the vibe im getting from any of these schools. It sounds like your a non-traditional student, and if anything you may even have an advantage over students that have only been in highschool and then undergrad and have probably never held down a full time job before.

can you elaborate?