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Apr 20, 2008
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OK, so I know that I should first worry about getting into med school (which is still several years away), but I keep having these recurring thoughts about a bad credit score preventing me from getting loans. Just after I turned eighteen, my parents grew tired of having to give me gas money so they just gave me a credit card that they paid for. But, after several months, I started using the card irresponsibly and my limit had to be raised several times. After a few months of this, my parents and I decided to close the account. It's also important to note that the balance on my credit card was paid in full and on time, by my parents (although my name was on the card, they were the ones paying the credit card bill).

I've heard in the past it hasn't been too difficult for med students to get loans, but with the credit crunch in the past year or two, I've heard whispers about people getting accepted into med school, but not being able to get loans to actually go to medical school. Can anybody who has been through the process of getting loans for medical or graduate school give me any advice or possibly point me to some help (either to ease my paranoia or to start to repair my credit)?

I do realize that in 2 or 3 years, I may not be headed to medical school, but I find that it is pretty hard to convince myself that I will not be headed to professional or graduate school within a year after graduation, so this discussion is still tangentially related to what I'll probably end up doing if not medical school.


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Jun 12, 2006
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You can get $40,500 a year in federal stafford loans no matter how your credit is. Also, if your credit doesn't have any bankruptcies etc. in the past 5 years then you can get grad plus loans.

As for your credit, I'm not seeing what the problem is. Your credit card was paid on time so therefore it only helped your score. As long as you didn't have some credit score catastrophe then you won't have any trouble getting grad plus loans if you need them.

Since you seem to be paranoid. Go to Annual Credit Report and take a look at your report to see if everything on it is correct. It's all free. You just have to deal with the garbage advertising from the credit bureaus for their services.