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Getting the Tungsten C Wifi to work

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by Izlude_Tingel, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I just had a question to those who own the Tungsten C. I read the instruction on how to get it to work, but I am not too sure. Does anyone know how to get it to work? I am trying to get it to work at Barnes and Nobles (this store has wireless). Thanks
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  3. KyGrlDr2B

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    Oct 15, 2001
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    I don't want to highjack your thread, but....I also have a question regarding wireless. :oops:

    I'm interested in getting the tungsten t3 and I know it has bluetooth but not wifi. I was told by someone you could buy some sort of adapter or card or something that would then give you wireless. I did a search and can't find anything like that. Does anyone know what this is?

    I wanted a palm os with wireless, but don't like the looks of the tungsten c. Does this mean I need to get a sony clie or something?
  4. Bevo

    Bevo Radiology, R1
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    Jan 27, 2002
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    i remember seeing a sony clie tj27? at dell on sale.

    It has wireless builtin, not sure about bluetooth though.

    Palm Tungsten E 32MB Palm OS PDA $199 - 10% = $180 shipped free.

    Sony Clie TH37 32MB Palm OS PDA with 802.11b and digital camera $299 - 10% - $25 coupon = $244 shipped free. Pass $300

    Sony Clie TH55 32MB Palm OS PDA 320x480 with 802.11b and digital camera $399 - 10% - $25 coupon = $334 shipped free. Pass $300

    Palm Tungsten C 64MB PDA $499 - 10% - $25 coupon = $424 shipped free. New $100 rebate drops it to $324.

    Sony Clie UX50 color PDA with 802.11b, keyboard and camera $599 - 10% - $25 = $514 shipped free.

    its all on www.techbargains.com

    if you scroll down a bit
  5. rompy

    rompy Member
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    Nov 25, 2003
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    Here is a step-by-step. Hope it helps!

    1. Turn your Tungsten C on and press the "Home" button to get you to the main menu. Be sure "All" is selected in the drop down menu at the upper right of your screen.

    2. Select the Wi-Fi Setup option

    3. Click on the "Next" button. A "Searching for networks..." dialog box will come up while the system searches for available networks.

    4. You will then be presented with a list of available networks. If you're at Barnes and Nobles, the network you're interested in will probably be named "bn" or something to that effect. Ask the store people if you don't find something that looks appropriate.

    5. Next select the network that you'd like to connect to and click on the "Next" button.

    6. The "Wi-Fi Connection Progress" dialog box will come up as the Palm tries to connect to the network.

    7. If this process was successful, you will get a screen showing that the "Wi-Fi setup is complete" along with a green signal strength bar. If not see #10 below.

    8. Click on the "Done" button. This should bring you back to the Home screen.

    9. Click on the "Web" icon and you should get access to the World Wide Web, or to a screen asking you to enter your credit card number to gain access to the Barnes and Nobles wi-fi network.

    10. If the Palm was not able to connect, you will be presented with a "Wi-Fi setup is complete" screen with a Signal entry that reads "No signal". This could mean that you either need to enter a password, that you are out of the network range, or that you selected the wrong network. If you need help beyond this, feel free to PM me.

    Good luck!

  6. BubbleBobble

    BubbleBobble Where's the "any" key?
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    Nov 22, 2003
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    You want the Enfora Wireless Portfolio.

    It's a case for your Palm PDA, and gives it Wi-Fi and extra battery power.

    As far as a Wi-Fi SD card, there isn't one available for Palm yet.
  7. shigalosis

    shigalosis Junior Member
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    Mar 5, 2004
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    SanDisk is supposedly coming out with one 2004Q2... but I wouldn't hold my breath:


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