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Jun 17, 2010
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As we face changes in the medical system both as a country and for residency requirements and hours, we start to ask ourselves what should we be doing to still be the doctors we want to be. I think now more then ever we need to look at global health issues and the systems change that these encompass, since our own system is starting to address these issues. I encourage everyone involved in medicine to take time to travel to a different country, or even a different part of your own country to see how access to medicine and standards of care change depending on where you are and who you are. Taking time to do these rotations may become more difficult as the restrictions on residency programs become tighter, and perhaps this will mean that there needs to be more flexibility in medical school. There are many great programs out there that are designed to support people who want to travel and learn more about medicine and different cultural and system approaches to medicine. I traveled with CFHI, and would recommend them to any medical or pre-medical student looking to broaden their knowledge prior to residency.

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Jul 7, 2009
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I've been trying to do that throughout undergrad while I still have time, it's given me some pretty solid insight into other health care systems, other cultures views on disease and the physician's role and also helped my foreign language fluency. That being said, you'll probably be flamed in a few minutes but brave post :thumbup: