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Jul 30, 2016
Please, if someone is good at heart related problems, please answer this as soon as you can:

I will within two weeks visit an amusement park and go into a haunted house with a bunch of "ghosts" that are going to scare me and the rest of the group. The problem is that I suffer from arrhythmia and eat on daily basis beta-blockers (propranolol), the lowest dose but I have no diagnosed serious heart disease. I have done a lot of EKG before but it was a year ago now. My doc can hear and see that I have skipped heartbeats and that it goes sometimes irregular, but no one has caught the afib I think I actually had a couple of years ago and was the scariest thing ever (but I think it was due to alcohol and stress, haven´t taking one zip since then). But I can´t be sure.

Just wondering if anyone can answer if I should avoid haunted houses or if you have other advice before I go to this amusement park?

When is it dangerous to go to these sort of events? Is the "pop up"-ghosts dangerous for stressed hearts in general? (I don´t want to drop dead in a stupid haunted house).

Also, I can´t see my doc before I´m going so I´m desperate and must ask someone, this is the forum I found so please, just give me some advice and I would be SO greatful.

Best regards,

woman, patient 38 years old, not overweight or having high pressure


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