Gold Standard vs. AAMC

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Aug 24, 2006
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So, I'm taking the MCAT on August 20, just a little over a week left. I have been practicing with Gold Standard tests because I heard they were good for practice. However, I have heard some of the sciences are really difficult especially the last couple of tests and the verbal sometimes seems to be easy but it has a killer curve. I just took Gold Standard number 9 and it was very difficult and I have heard most people score lower on GS tests than AAMC, so hopefully I will jump up on AAMC tests. Anyone taking gold standard tests, took AAMC and how did thier scores compare? I plan on taking GS 10 this week and just take one AAMC test next week and thats it.

GS-9: PS 7 (28/52)
VR 9 (32/40)
BS 8 (33/52)

Is AAMC different, will I get a higher score on AAMC? WHat's the trend?


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Jan 17, 2001
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GS sciences are a bit more difficult but its still good practice. I did better on AAMC exams. GS verbal is kind of easy, I used EK verbal. With a week away I would concentrate on AAMC tests just so you get the feel of the questions.
good luck!