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Feb 13, 2005
This is pretty much the field I have settled on after looking into it and talking to a chiefs in surgery. The lifestyle seems to be the most forgiving for a surgery field and like pretty much everyone else surgery offers near instant gratification with results.

I'm wondering what schools I should apply to for 3-4 week urology electives? Right now I'm in the dark not sure where to look around for this sort of thing (most people I know have never done a uro elective)



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Nov 8, 1999
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come out to utah and spend a few weeks mountain biking and camping. the residents are pretty damn happy out here.

of course, it depends on what programs you are interested in applying to next year. a good choice would be to sit down with your advisor and figure out which programs you have a good shot at with your grades, scores, research, etc.

some of the top programs include: mayo, cleveland clinic, (why are all the great program where no one wants to live? :laugh: )