Dec 19, 2009
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Hope someone can give me some feedback on this. I'm an M1 with an ROTC obligation I'm fulfilling through the national guard while in medical school. I commission this October (it was delayed due to a situation with my medical waiver but it was resolved) and the recruiter I've been working with says they'll schedule me for Medical OBC then and that I have some leeway to decide when to do it ( he said it has to be done within 24 months of commissioning).
My question is: When is the best time to go? This summer after M1 year seems good, but it would also limit me from doing summer research or other programs. Is there any time later in med school to do it or is it best to just go through with it early?


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Oct 28, 2006
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I did it the summer after MS1. I found a research project with a pretty concrete start and stop point and worked on it for the first part of the summer and then did OBLC on the tail end. Had to finish the project during MS2, but with an understanding PI and a straightforward project it wasn't too big of an issue.

I'm really glad I have it out of the way and the slight pay increase if your state is willing to promote you at 18 months (if you've done OBLC) is nice. Losing some research/vacation time sucks, but I found it preferable to trying to cram OBLC into the clinical years or beyond...
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