Good Trauma Elective? West Preferred

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Mar 8, 2003
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Does anyone know of a good Trauma Surg elective?

Busy but not worked so hard there's no time to read and learn. Also good commitment to teaching.
Of course, it would be nice to have an EM residency to check out too.

Like too many of us, I have a West Coast preference for residency. Has anyone done trauma at UCD, UCSF-Fresno, OHSU, UCLA, UCSD?

Any opinions appreciated. Also any books you liked for trauma?

Thanks :)

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Don't know much abuot the West Coast, but try University of Maryland - Shock/Trauma. World-reknowned, excellent teaching... plus there's the residency there. Several midwest residencies send their residents to UMD for their trauma rotation. Shock/Trauma is its OWN building, and is unbelievable.
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For a student rotation, UC Davis is a good trauma rotation. Mostly blunt but some penetrating. Trauma faculty are relatively mellow for surgeons. The residents and faculty are generally good teachers. Highland in Oakland has more penetrating trauma but teaching is a bit more variable but still good with more student responsibility for floor patients. UCSF Fresno has a variety but I'd say the above are more student friendly. I'm told USC is pretty busy and you may see upwards of 3 ED thoracotomies in a single shift.
forget ohsu for your trauma elective. that is the weak point in their residency(low volume). all the good trauma in portland goes to emanuel hospital or southwest washington med ctr, the other regional about usc county in la or highland in oakland? ucsf/san francisco general would be good too.also I have heard good things about uc davis as well. valley med ctr in fresno is also a busy site. good luck
Oh, I forgot to mention the old standby - SUNY-Downstate in Brooklyn, at King's County. This is THE knife and gun club - trauma surgery here is noted for being amazingly busy - so, if you don't want it, you're screwed, and, if you do, you will be gloriously blessed for the entire month.
Denver General (now known as Denver Health) has a very active trauma service with good attendings. With the city and state cutting anti-gang funding this could shape up to be a busy year too.
I enjoyed my trauma rotation at University of Florida/Shands Jacksonville. You will take call and you WILL be up all night. The service was busy enough to keep 4 interns busy on the floors and 3 seniors and 2 PAs in the ICUs. The service carried 50 patients in November and saw 15-20 patients in the Trauma Center/24 hours. Faculty definately taught. Never lack for things to see, but you could spend all of your time writing notes on the "rocks" on the floor if you're not careful. Luckily my group of residents was great, I had a good experience AND had time to meet some of the EM faculty and ended up matching there.