Got rejected today and don't know what to do


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Jan 10, 2010
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    That is an awkward situation. Is the PD (or whoever made the decision) aware that you are rotating there? The interview/reject decisions may have been made a little while ago, and if you just started then the rotation won't be on your transcript and you won't have any letters, so he may be unaware of the fact that you are currently rotating there. If not it may be worth reaching out to the PD and asking if they would reassess your application at the end of your rotation based on your performance there. If he says no or that your performance won't matter because your application didn't meet other standards then that's a bummer, but your best bet is probably just to stick out the rotation, do a good job, and do things like add extra research or rec letter that you can talk about at your other interviews.
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      Hi guys,
      I got rejected at a program that I am currently doing an away rotation on...I feel extraordinarily awkward. I just started a couple days ago...I am devastated. I was hoping to match here and took loans out to be able to afford the rotation. Any advice on how to handle it would really be helpful. Should I just...carry on in the rotation or should I try to speak to the program director?
      Rotating at a program is no guarantee of a match or even an interview. It's actually a fairly big risk if your app is competitive, since rubbing one person the wrong way can bury you.
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      Oct 8, 2016
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        Well it depends what your goal is. Do you really want to go to this program? Did you have a realistic shot stats-wise? Or is it a reach program where an LOR from a respected attending will get you noticed at other programs?

        My personal feeling is that you have nothing to lose by setting up a meeting with the program director while you are at your away rotation and discussing your application politely and professionally with him/her. Just make sure you're in the right head space so you don't go in there looking like an emotional lunatic. Ask if they wouldn't reconsider reassessing you at the end of the away rotation. It's unlikely it'll get you an interview but if you go in there and seem awesome and emotionally mature, they may respect your professionalism and at least feel guilty and awkward (which I would personally find satisfying). You may get some valuable feedback and respect for carrying on with courage and poise when others would break down and hide. And if the PD is a jerk and rude to you then you walk away with the satisfaction of knowing you probably wouldn't have even been happy at the program.

        There are a lot of surgery programs out there and you'll find one that'll be a good fit. In just a few months when you match this will be a funny awkward story you tell at parties. Good luck.
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        Jul 30, 2017
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          Just set up a time to speak with the PD.

          Sounds like you got filtered out for your step score, that can happen way before a PD sees your application. All you can do is rock the rotation at this point, especially if you are still interested in the program.
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