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GPR Long Island


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Jul 19, 2006
Beantown, USA
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  1. Dental Student
I was hoping to hear more about the GPR program in Stony Brook and Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Doing a search on this topic was uneventful, so please if you are an alumni, or a current resident, or have relevant information about the program it would be much appreciated.


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Jan 2, 2005
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Stony Brook- Lots of clinic time. Hospital call until 11pm, but pager stays on overnight in case of a rare avulsed tooth. Decent program with a good amout of general dentisty clinical experience. Some OR Dental Rehab cases. Further from the city, cheaper cost of living.

LIJ- More demanding. Call is overnight. 4 months general dentistry clinic time. Some time in a special needs clinic. More OR Dental Rehab time. More specialty (ortho, perio, OMFS, endo) time. 1 month spent with OMFS on their service. Closer to the city, more expensive to live.
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