Aug 3, 2017
Is it just the places I'm rotating or is it hard to honor EM months? I just went HP/HP after working way harder than I did during core clerkships and picking up good evals along the way. Do the grades not really matter for our application? Both told me they would write good SLOEs, for what it's worth. What a strange process...


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Mar 13, 2012
Attending Physician
The disparity of what is a "pass" vs "high pass" is exactly why they developed the SLOE.

The grades are super subjective. We have all had the attendings where everyone gets the highest marks, and we have all had the attendings where "no one gets a 10". That is the point of the SLOE, it (attempts) to establish a standardized ranking system that compares each student to all the rest of them.
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