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New Member
Aug 19, 2017
Hello All,

So this cycle Im only applying to a single school and im in a little time crunch. My app is due Nov 1st, however Im planning to take my GRE on OCT 2 or OCT 9. I know this is cutting it way close. But in past expriences how long does it take the GRE scores to reach PTCAS? Ive heard 10-15 days, so I should be good right? The only reason, is that I need the extra time is to study for the GRE, it is highly weighed in the program. Also there is a gre code for the institution on ptcas if that helps.



Full Member
May 18, 2017
I took the test on 7/6 and it was received by Ptcas on 7/19

Just make sure you choose the option to send your scores right after you finish the test
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