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Jan 20, 2016
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I took the GRE in the middle of July and received bad scores... 149 V , 144 Q and 4.0 AW

I know I can do much better on the test as my practice scores all trended in the mid 150's and I just did not show up on test day. I plan to retake the test in early August but want to submit my application now.

I have all transcripts, references and observation hours received by PTCAS but in the standardized test section I do not want to add the scores from my first attempt.

Should I add the scores and apply? Or wait to retake the test and add the scores then? I am also planning on applying to two programs that do not require the GRE so I would really like to submit to those now.

Any advice is appreciated.


Aug 7, 2017
  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
I am in the same boat as you. I scored 148 V, 145 Q, 4.0 AW and want to retake it before I submit to schools that require a GRE score. However I did add my GRE scores to my PTCAS application and sent out applications to the schools that don't require a GRE score. Planning on retaking the GRE next month before I submit that final round of applications.

I would submit the scores and apply to the non-GRE schools for right now and then focus on those other schools after you retake the GRE, unless you're applying to schools that really weigh in WHEN you submit your application, which in that case I would apply as soon as possible for those specific schools as well. Being the case that you can always update your scores to the application, I'm positive it doesn't make a real difference. Hope that helped.
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