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Jun 17, 2015
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This is just a rant, nothing useful here for you if you're seeking studying advice or tips, etc. I just need to let off some steam, and maybe get a virtual "I feel ya, bruh," here or there.

I'm in IMG, I finished med school in Egypt in 2013.
I had passed Step 1 in my 5th year (2nd attempt, with a miserable 204). I passed Step 2 CK in January (1st attempt, 227). I failed CS in May (the ICE component), and I'm re-taking it in January.

I want to apply for psychiatry residencies. I'm interning with one of the best psychiatrists here in NC. He's already offered me to join his practice as soon as I'm done with residency, so I can say I have the seed of it what it takes to be in psychiatry.

But I'm effin' worried and scared. Worried I'll fail CS again (I never expected to fail last time). Sometimes I'm motivated by the older doctors who told me how they failed their steps (including my mentor, the psychiatrist) and that in the long run it worked out well etc. And sometimes I look at the statistics and numbers and I'm like, "I should start looking into Physician Assistant school already, this is enough time lost."

I know my situation is much better than most other IMGs. I'm a US citizen, my family is - incidentally - in the US for a few years to come, and they're more than happy to help me with some basic expenses. I have a decent support network in doctors who were, like me, IMGs a few years ago. So I guess I AM being a spoiled brat at times.

But it just gets depressing times, you know? Specially with how drawn out the whole process can be.

That's it. Rant over.
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