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Feb 15, 2020
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I have goals of eventually opening my own private practice. One of my interest areas is group therapy. When I ran groups in school/internship, manuals were always provided for me. My question is, where do you find group manuals? What if you want to make your own group, are there guidelines for that? If there's a particular book I like from a psychologist, can I create a group based on their book? Do I need their permission?

Thanks in advance!

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Sometimes treatment workbooks are only available via the publisher and other times you can find them more publicly available like on Amazon. If you want to develop a treatment from something you're reading in a psychologist's book, reaching out to them is a good idea. You may find they're already working on a treatment manual and are happy to share it or you may find they haven't gotten around to that or never intended to but are happy if you proceed. If at some point you wish to publish your manual then having prior contact with this psychologist is likely to be very helpful in terms of making sure they are properly credited.
What specific area are you hoping to address or treat? Group therapy has GREAT variability and approach based on the clinical area. I’m a big proponent of processed based (ie Teybor/Yalom) group intervention, as anecdotally I’ve seen the best results here. But it takes years of training and supervision to provide effective and safe process based services.
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The type of group and target population and how you are going to get participants are some of the bigger questions in my mind. As a licensed psychologist, I can design my own group and use my own knowledge of the research to guide this. If it is a very specific area and there is a helpful manual, then you would have to pay whatever they are asking. Build the cost for materials into the cost for the group if that is the case.