Apr 24, 2020
Status (Visible)
  1. Medical Student
Hello everybody, I am a MS2, non US IMG, currently studying for step 1. I plan on taking the exam on January. My plan is BnB with FA and Uworld, and also sketchy. As of right now, I am currently on the endocrinology section.
Should I aim to buy Uworld once I do my first pass of the First Aid? (Planning to buy a 1 year subscription, or maybe 6 months)
How many passes of FA is good?
Also, I recently got my score 1 month ago of an AMBOSS self assessment, which was 179 (dont know if it is good or bad cause by that time I hadn't even started cardiology and there were a lot of topics I hadn't even seen in class). I got a publication in an indexed journal (not pubmed but its at least an indexed journal).
Any suggestion or insight is deeply appreciated, cause I dont know if I am doing good or bad or if its the correct approach :(.

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