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Jul 30, 2007
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I did a search but was coming up short. I was wondering if there are residents out there who have been through the same (I can't imagine it would be that special a scenario).

So if I am doing my prelim at Hospital X and Hospital X is filing my H1B, do I have to reveal that I'm also going to Hospital Y? Would it have any bearing at all? My problem is my advance program told me they would be releasing the GME contracts next year...so I'm worried that if I reveal this info, the consul will hassle me for documentation.

Next question---when do I have to start worrying about the H1B transfer from Hospital X to Hospital Y? I read the USCIS website, and it seems easy. (goosebumps--as "easy" things have a way of surprising me). But no one is saying how many months does it take, when is the earliest I can file for it, etc. I'd hate to cough up 1k again for premium processing :) I'd prefer to get myself a new laptop thank you very much! :laugh:

I know, I know, talk to a lawyer...but I wouldn't be posting if I was getting the answers i needed, right?

Oh well...just fishing for info here! Thanks in advance