Halls anesthesia questions for ITE

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Aug 30, 2016
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Did anyone find the halls anesthesia questions to be helpful for ITE?

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I did not. Used truelearn (reading explanations) and faust. Always was 66th to 88th percentile.
Did anyone find the halls anesthesia questions to be helpful for ITE?

I used Hall throughout residency. Did it. Repeat it. Took lots of notes. Did it again until I understood everything. Openanesthesia key words were helpful. Touched Faust for those concepts I needed extra help with. TrueLearn didn't exist back then. Didn't lift a page of baby Miller or Morgan&Mikhail or anything else after CA1. Got 90-99% percentile through my ITEs, and 99% percentile on boards.
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Yes. Did Hall questions multiple times and read explanations/took notes.

Same with TrueLearn.
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I just found the electronic format of truelearn and the rapid review format of faust to be perfect if your residency program works you hard like mine did. We didnt have a whole lot of study time. Having truelearn right on my phone was priceless.
My best performance was intern year when I got 96th percentile after 8 days of anesthesia and no reading or studying of anything anesthesia. I recall the PD, assistant PD, and a few others being quite butt hurt about it (ret@rded, insecure, @ssholes).

Otherwise 96-99th percentile, top 10% basic, 99th percentile advanced.

Used M5 one year and then Truelearn subsequently. Did read textbooks for cases outside of that as well, but not specifically for exam study.