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Sep 5, 2003
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Is that a tradition or something?


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Nov 30, 2000
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True story I read in the paper today that put a huge smile on my face. The lead in of the atricle was a 1/2 page picture of a pint of Guiness in all its foamy head glory:love: :D :clap: Needless to say i was immediately drawn to the article!

It turns out that inspite of what one might think, that Guiness actually has Less Calories(140ish) and Less Carbs(about 13gm) than Budweiser or Heineken:wow: It also has the same alcohol content (4.2%) as a Coors Light, and due to all the flavins that are present in the brew a great anti-oxidant property and a baby aspirin like anti-coagulant property:wow:

Plus, the other really cool Guiness fact(and I "tested" this out tonight 3 pints over:hardy: )is that due to the nitrogen gas that helps give that famous creamy head, as good portion of the bubble flow down instead of up! Like I said to enure that my own "experiement " of this had a high enough n value I tested it 3 times:love:

Guiness as a health food, I love it!!
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