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    Feb 15, 2000
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    Last semester I fell into an awful, pessimistic funk. I've been at a community college for almost five years, full time, and it's been hell. I was taking 16 units, the hardest being Ochem 2 and Bio 1. Ochem was like any other chem class I took there - excrutiatingly difficult, with an attrition rate that made even the best students a little weak in the knees. The bio class was poorly organized, based off of the UC Berkeley system but without the resources to back it up.

    At the same time I was applying to three UC's for undergrad work - UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley. I got into Davis and Santa Cruz on a conditional basis through a program in my school. Well, this week I got my official acceptance letters from both schools. I hear from Berkeley in two months. In any case, I just found out that my current GPA from comm college (3.1) will be erased, and I will begin in the UC system with a GPA of 0.0. I know med schools will look at my comm college records, but this gives me a chance to graduate with honors from a UC, which can't hurt. I am fairly confident that I can do really well in my upper division work, because I'm really, really excited about it. So that's my first HappyJoy.

    My second HappyJoy has to do with a tutor of mine who was in the Chem class ahead of me. She already has a degree, and was just at the comm college to take her pre-med work. She got decent grades, and did pretty well on her MCATS. She is my age, and one of the coolest people I know. Anyway, she just got accepted into EVERY SCHOOL SHE APPLIED TO!!!! Including UCSF. I just talked to her today. She's definitely going to UCSF. She told me that UCSF KNOWS how hard the chem department is at City College of San Francisco (where I am now), and they take it into concideration. I did really well in ochem, so hope and joy abounds around here.

    I just thought I'd spread some around.

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  3. Paradocs

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    Nov 8, 1999
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    Congratulations, Nanon!! That's great news, for you and your friend. [​IMG]
  4. Sara in Canada

    Feb 26, 2000
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    That must make your good mark in Org Chem look even better!
    way to go
    \I will be starting it in the fall......
    Congrats to your friend too!

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