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Jul 10, 2014
Pre-health Advisor
Every year gaining admission into the school of your choice (med, dental, pharm, etc) is getting harder so you need to go the extra step in order to make your application "pop" and stand out. Admissions committees read thousands of essays from very competitive applicants every year so it's very important that your essay shows your strength and uniqueness so that you shine above the competition. I've helped dozens of people get into schools that were out of their range, often times with scholarships, so take advantage of my services and invest in your future.

My Credentials:

I received my bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley. Afterward, I went on to obtain my Master's degree from Harvard University and my 2nd Master's from the University of Michigan. I am currently a 5th year PhD student at the University of Michigan where I'm also considered faculty since I had to teach as part of the PhD program. Visit my departmental profile that confirms my credentials.

My Work Experience:

I got involved in admissions consulting after securing admission for myself at America's top universities. My friends took note of my success and asked for my help with their personal statements. I then began helping my own students when I was teaching at Michigan. I was subsequently recruited by an admissions consulting firm where I received formal training. My continued success prompted me to start my own admissions consulting company,

I have an excellent success rate. One international dental applicant, for example, was repeatedly rejected, but after working with me, she got into both UCLA and USC's international dental program. Another applicant failed to get into optometry school two years in a row but after working with me she obtained admission into her top choice at Pomona. Hiring me was indeed a worthy investment for both of these deserving applicants. I can send you examples of before and after essays so you can see for yourself what a difference my service makes.

Contact info:

Invest in your future and get in touch with me... your satisfaction is guaranteed (payment is not due until after you are satisfied!). Email me at [email protected] or contact me at 949-873-4489.

I look forward to being a part of your success,

Pouya (Paul)