Im a US img and i came to USA for clinical rotations (this is regarding rotation from last year) i know its late to post this, there were these three medical students who knew each other from the same company that sponsers them, and in the beginning they were nice to me and told me how it was in USA and how to do things around the hospital as i am not familiar with the system, But after i got the hang of things whenever i volunteer/get asked to do certain tasks they always come and finish my tasks and to the residents it looks like im not doing my work, so i always come early and finish them beforehand. Then those students told bad about me to my residents and sent me messages how im “not involved, or they dont see me with them, and im the OR instead” and it really made me upset because they finish my work and interfere in all my tasks, so that all i have left is the OR. i was so ready to give up the rotation, but i needed the LOR and i paid 6k for it so i ended up doing it. This is the second rotation i had my previous one i had one resident be really mean to me (and i was the only person of color in the batch so i felt discriminated even if it was or wasn’t his intention )
idk if this is how cutthroat the competition is some fellow imgs have experienced similar situations.
How does one deal with this? any ideas?
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Consider yourself not alone in this. I realize you said your rotation is over. But my friend who went thru something similar ended up bringing up the matter to the program director to make sure the director knew what was going on. She also confronted the person who was trying to make her life miserable and that put a stop to it. My other suggestion would be to confront the other med students in public so others will hear about their asinine behavior. In the US, you will are respected more if you speak up. No one takes it personally. So do not be afraid to speak up. Trust your instincts and DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP. And when you do, do it early and not wait for the situation to fester.

Would you share what school and country these other students are from? And even yourself if you wish?
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