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Apr 17, 2017

I have taken DAT back in April and scored 23 on science section. I am planning on re-applying 2022 cycle, and I know DAT score expires in 2 years. So I am studying again for DAT, and I was wondering if the science part has been changed or not. Because when I studied then, the math part used to call 'Quantitative Reasoning' and when I was taking the test in April, but the math section was almost changed it to 'Quantitative Analysis' type of questions, like reading the graphs and analyzing the graph type of questions, so I was very thrown off. Anyway, I was wondering whether I should study the same materials as I did in 2017 or if there has been anything changed since then.

I would be greatly appreciated any advices or tips for re-studying for DAT!

Thank you!
May 17, 2008
Yes, the QR section has been updated as you've noted. In 2017 a question type called "Quantitative Comparison" was added (these are also found on the GRE). There's also data analysis questions. I would suggest using resources from 2018 or newer when preparing for this section.
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