Have interviews at NYCOM and UMDNJ -- should I still take the mcat??


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May 23, 2002
    Hello all,
    I have a NYCOM interview in the last week of april and a UMDNJ the first week of april... should I still take the mcat. I got a 25 the first time and I have been study...doing good in bio and verbal...still crappy in physical science. what should I do...maybe wait to see if i get in and take in august...or take it in april..i don't know what to do. thanks.


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    Mar 19, 2003
      That's a tough one. I think you have a decent shot at getting in this year but I'm not sure. If you think you're ready now, I think you should take it and get it over with. The test is only in 2 weeks and you really have nothing to lose.

      Either you get in and your score which comes out in June may not matter (Or it could if you are waitlisted and you send in that score to maybe help). And if you don't get in and by some weird chance you score lower than a 25, you can take it a third time in August while still applying.

      Seems like your best bet is to take it in April if you're scoring higher than 25 on your practice tests.:thumbup:
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